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Sales Excellence

Sales are made at the front line. The more time we spend with qualified buyers, the more we increase revenue–especially if our approach is underpinned by a proven process.

Business owners and executives understand that top sales talent will produce to the extent that they are properly trained, highly motivated, crystal clear around performance expectations and strategic about the way they use time and develop relationships.

Sales Excellence - zero excuses

The challenges that business owners and managers want to address include:

  1. Moving away from ‘order taking’ to proactive sales creation
  2. Replacing excuse-making habits with profit-generating habits
  3. Getting their sales people out of the office to attract new business
  4. Creating an environment for high performance sales; finding a balance between internal competition and team work
  5. Moving away from ‘busy being busy’ to ‘busy being productive’
  6. Making sales staff accountable for results; embedding desired behaviours
  7. Ensuring that investments in training and coaching lead to consistent results

Our suite of programs offers proven, results-based sales techniques and sales strategies to provide solutions to all of the above challenges. Lagrou Partners works with clients to build and implement tailored solutions to achieve sales targets. Our trainers are experts in sales methods and ‘the art of the sale’. We consistently receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from our clients and we can show you how to double your sales results. Call us now for a confidential chat.

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