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Sales Process Check

Healthy revenue and profit margins

A doctor does a physical check on patients to ascertain symptoms and make a diagnosis. The doctor then puts together an effective treatment plan.

Similarly, companies engage our services to perform a ‘sales process’ check. In professional and financial services, this is also called a business development audit.

The goal is to understand which factors contribute to revenue growth and which ones prevent financial progress. Our team of experienced sales and business development professionals looks at the whole picture before putting specific recommendations forward.

You will find our psychometric tools to be strikingly accurate, especially when used in conjunction with numerical benchmarks, team profiles, guided interviews, mystery shopping, and total business assessments.

In terms of your sales staff, we measure three key aspects:

  1. HOW will they sell? The data collected allows us to predict who they will sell to and who they will have difficulty selling to–unless they modify their approach by working more strategically.
  2. WHAT will make them sell? We utilise the workplace motivators and compare your staff to other sales professionals. The so-called ‘hunters’ have a specific profile, as do the ‘farmers’ in sales. The data enables you to get your staff in the right place where they will be effective.
  3. CAN they sell? This brings it back to hard-core sales skills. Do sales people have the needed skills to help the company grow? You will now know exactly in which areas to invest training and development dollars in order to increase sales and profit within 3 to 6 months.

Some companies take 12 months or even years to figure out that a particular person will not produce desired results in a sales role. Thanks to our next-generation sales assessment tools, however, our clients can save themselves the trouble and investment in the wrong individuals and instead make better decisions that enhance their bottom-line profit.

For more information about how the psychometric assessments can improve your sales team, recruitment practices and staff motivation and productivity, call or email us today for a confidential discussion.

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