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The MBD difference

The MBD difference


An MBA teaches people how to master business administration. At Lagrou Partners, we help people to become Masters in Business Development.

As in mathematics, there are formulas that lead to success and formulas that lead to failure. We work closely with you to outline the requirements for your firm’s successful business and sales growth. Once frontline employees have a proven process for generating more revenue and managing time strategically, and are motivated to do so, they will achieve effective outcomes.

The top companies follow a sales success system. The steps yield consistent results and they can be reproduced by anyone. We will show you how to implement these powerful systems in your organisation.

Managing current accounts is easy compared to the challenge of opening up new markets and developing business with a targeted plan. Unless you recruit employees with the right psychological make-up and give them the tools to get the job done in an outstanding fashion, your company will not thrive and will default to order taking. Knowing how competitive today’s marketplace is, business development managers simply cannot afford to reside in the comfort zone. Otherwise more proactive firms are destined to take over. Don’t let this happen to your organisation.

We have a variety of options that cater for different budgets and needs. Talk to us today and find out how we can help you maintain a competitive advantage by creating MBDs: Masters of Business Development in your company.

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