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Bradley Jansen, Managing Director, Qattro

“Thank you for your and Ivo’s efforts in making the (staff) retreat the success it was.”

Cameron Stone, Project Manager, Dematec Automation

“National Sales Conference 2016, an event hosted by Lagrou Partners was a great opportunity to learn with individuals from a diverse number of industries all with the goal of increasing personal performance and company revenue.

Bram’s presentations were energetic, informative and practical and the keynote speakers were fantastic. There were a number of opportunities to discuss findings with others and apply the principles learned in our own industries.

I would not hesitate in recommending next years National Sales Conference, it is sure to be a great investment for you and your company.”

Angelo Piantadosi, former Managing Partner, Edwards Marshall

“Training, coaching and skill improvement are Bram’s forte. When coupled with his energetic and personable style, there is a recipe for success for your organisation.”

Alun Gallie, L&D Lead, ASC (Australian Submarine Corporation)

“I have worked with Bram on a number of development initiatives. Bram is a person who has enormous energy, drive and commitment. He is very passionate in terms of ensuring successful outcomes for the organisations he partners with and the individuals he develops. I recommend Bram as being a person who conducts himself with the highest ethical and professional standards at all times.”

Participants from PwC, OC Real Estate, Double Glazed, Six Degrees Consulting, and others talking about their experience

Brian Tracy, famous keynote speaker and best selling author of over 70 business books

“a remarkable young man, Bram Lagrou, who teaches people and organisations how to increase their sales, their marketing, how to build their teams and how to accomplish more in a shorter period of time than they ever thought possible.”

Mark Hoffman, CEO, Academy Services

“I would recommend Lagrou Partners to anyone who is looking to get the most out of their training programs. (…) They are not the cheapest, but they certainly are the best.”

Rick Schlottman, Vice President of International Sales, Watkins Manufacturing Corporation (part of MAS on NYSE)

“If he returns the same benefits to your company as he has to ours, you will have made a very good business decision”

Participants from Westpac, PwC, Sage Automation, Bank Australia and UniqStone talking candidly about their experience

Noel Verma, Senior Manager, PwC

The National Sales Conference was very good and the material presented was both insightful and practical. There was no airy-fairy promises but just good, common sense, practical information that is applicable not just in the arena of sales but also in everyday interactions with clients and team members. Many of the concepts presented have helped me in the way I think about my interactions with people and has re-shaped my approach to sales and client relationships – with immediate success.
I can comfortably say I got a lot of value out of the conference and would recommend it to anyone who has a people/sales role.”

Brian Tracy recommends Bram Lagrou to increase sales and build teams

Howard Whiteson, Associate Wealth Advisor, deVere Group

“I have worked with Bram on a number of occasions, and I was always impressed with his rigorous methodology, his sound professionalism, his friendly manner, and his scrupulous attention to detail.
He was able to communicate to a wide spectrum of trainees, who came from many different backgrounds and cultures. He consistently demonstrated a clear intellectual and emotional grasp of fundamental sales principles. In addition, he presented many aspects with a light, yet sure touch, often spiced with nice touches of humour.”

Rob Newman, Business Development Manager, Qattro

“Most enjoyable and highest quality content sales training course I have ever attended!!”

Nigel Howden, Director, Intro

“It’s been a fun, informative and rewarding ten months.”

Liz Dunn, Senior Manager – R&D Tax Incentives, PwC

I felt I got a lot of value from the National Sales Conference, particularly in terms of practical suggestions that I’ve been able to put into practice immediately. A lot of the content is relevant both in a sales role but also in interacting with existing clients and with internal team members. 
As a specific example, I have used some of the DISC tips in two recent BD meetings. I was able to identify the clients’ DISC profiles (which were the opposite to my strengths) and tailor my approach accordingly, where once I would have found it much harder to connect with them and address their concerns.”

Darren James, Director, MBA Financial Strategists

“I personally attended Bram’s course with the aim of being able to refocus on the important things both in my business and personal life and ‘re-ignite the fire’ so to speak.

I am pleased to say that my objectives were achieved and the work we did over the couple of days provided me with the tools I needed to identify those things that are important to me and ‘why I do what I do’ every day.

The course has provided me with a reference point that I now use on a day to day basis to make decisions both in business and family life and make sure that I remain on track to achieve my goals.

Bram and Andrea did a great job over the couple of days and Bram’s enthusiasm and positivity is both refreshing and encouraging.”

Bradley Jansen, Managing Director, Qattro

“Bram is my Adelaide based Anthony Robbins”

John Kennett, Managing Director, Kennett Builders

“Lagrou Partners structured a Negotiation Training Course for our Site Managers and WHS Officers on our building sites. I requested a purpose-designed course because the majority of Negotiation Courses that are available do not address the ‘on-site’ workplace, where most of the negotiation is about co-operating to achieve the common goal – early completion, high quality, minimum defects and early account settlement. All of our staff that attended the training thanked me for the opportunity after the training was completed        (that’s very unusual).”

Steve Richardson, Train Planning Manager, Pacific National Rail

“As the demand for train planning and fleet utilisation increased, Noon assisted me in the development of a train forecasting tool which automate and reduce the train planning process considerably. The new process also included a costing module that allowed us to compare and assess economics of various train options as rail freight volume changes across the network.”

Darryl Goodhand, former General Manager, BLINK Optical (Bupa)

“Having had the opportunity to complete the seminar facilitated by Bram Lagrou I can thoroughly recommend both Bram and the seminar. Bram is an engaging and experienced facilitator who is clearly skilled in his field. The energy level created by Bram is appropriate for working participants through the seminar. It is an empowering, interactive program and allowed me to clearly set my goals and define my future. The combination of Bram’s passion and the clarity provided from working through the seminar with him made the 2 days one of the best investments I have made in my personal and professional development in many years.”

Mauro Viola, National Sales Manager, Academy Services

“The commitment and professionalism of Bram and his team has shown us the value of learning and applying the skills in our workplace. My staff have been thrilled to learn and ad to their skillsets, improving in what they can do.

The desire to sell comes across loud and clear, this has motivated my staff to look for different avenues to consider what more we can sell to our clients and involve those that they oversee.

The positive effect this has had on our staff has been evident. The greatest advantage we have is that our team is learning together, this gives us the opportunity to share daily, to remind each other and share the experiences of application.

Many thanks to Bram & Ann for their support and enthusiasm.”

Coralie Cheney, Senior Manager – Sales & Marketing, Adelaide Entertainment Centre

“Thank you for your time yesterday and for your wisdom on sales closure to the team. I think it was very beneficial especially coming from someone else and a different perspective to make them think.”

Amanda Lepore, Sales & Function Coordinator, Adelaide Entertainment Centre

“I used some of your suggestions and closed the sale on a client who hasn’t returned to the venue in 3 years. So a big thanks for that!”

Renee Fitzgerald, Project Officer, Workforce Strategy, South Australian Government

“Thank you for taking the time to come and speak with us on Tuesday night at UniSA and sending through the handouts from the session. It was a very interesting and engaging presentation and I definitely took some great lessons and tips away that I can apply directly back into my workplace.”

Hayley Christiansen, Human Resources Consultant, Adelaide Football Club

“A few of the other attendees and I went out for dinner afterwards and were saying your presentation was really great as it offers a structured way in going about having a difficult conversation, and although conversations don’t always go as planned, it will be a good tool to refer back to when trying to keep a conversation on track.”

Brett Aylen, Director, TS4 Architecture

“I had a new insight into the time management method last week. I realised the priority list works superbly at a global level for organising which projects to focus on each day. I then keep detailed tasks lists for each project separately. This is a major breakthrough for me because I was previously trying to prioritise all my tasks and the job was just too daunting. Now at the end of each day I simply prioritise which projects to focus on the next day. Works a treat.”

Andrew Monks, Operations Manager, Evans Clarke National

“Thanks again for a great seminar yesterday and the useful strategies you discussed with myself and the rest of the team. I found it very insightful and will definitely be putting the strategies discussed into practice.”

Jo Sutherland-Shaw, Director – Office of Strategic Projects & Initiatives, Attorney-General’s Department (SA)

“Noon and I worked together at the SA State Financing Authority in a time of newly developing complex financial instruments. Noon’s mathematical, analytical and modelling skills were invaluable in quantifying and understanding financial risk.”

Graham Wakeling, Publisher, In-Business

“Bram is a spritely, passionate and sincere man of selling. His enthusiam you’d find hard to beat. He is an inspiring thought leader who has a thorough understanding of customer service and consultative selling.”

Daniel Wilson, Managing Director, DBG Technologies

“The training was excellent and it really added some clarity to how I can use my time better and strategies I need to implement now. The most useful ideas I learned and will apply from the course are mindset change in regards to work-life balance.”

Melissa Matthews, Industry Employment Consultant, MEGT Australian Apprenticeships Centre

“I have completed paperwork for trainees undertaking a number of courses run by Bram Lagrou and Ann Grenci. The feedback has been outstanding with clients commenting on the energy and motivation gained by the staff undertaking this training. Bram shows a real passion for what he delivers.

In particular, I have found Bram to be enthusiastic and engaging at all times, whether  he is hosting a breakfast meeting or discussing training needs of his clients. Bram delivers on his promises!”

Jennifer Baile, CEO of Bowden Group, Australia

“Reminded me of the importance of attitude, self-belief and goal setting. (…) Absolutely loved it, thank you!”

Theo Maras, Director of Maras Group Pty Ltd, Australia

“Mr. Bram Lagrou recently moved from Europe to Adelaide and impressed me immensely in sales and marketing. (…) In my view his international marketing skills could be of benefit to you and your organisation as I believe this young man to be exceptionally focused and experienced in the area of marketing.”

Chris Hammond, Customer Development Manager at VIP Home Services, Australia

“Lots of valuable information in a short period of time.”

Tony Ricketts, Business Manager, ManPower

“Great subject matter, useful workbook, good presentation. The most useful ideas I learned and will apply from the course are being more organised to set KPIs, focus more on high value activities.”

David Lipschitz, Finance Manager, Logic Finance

“Thank you for a great weekend workshop – I am already seeing significant changes in the attitudes and outlooks of the guys. (…) if we can achieve the results I expect, I would want all the staff (including the 3 new finance consultants) to attend the advanced sales course.”

Aaron Stock, Mortgage Advisor, Bernie Lewis

“Personally, I gained a lot from my time with Bram, proof in the pudding is that my sales increased in a major way since having my course with him. To this day I am still exceeding my own expectations and have found a further utmost confidence with in myself to succeed further beyond my original thoughts!”

Daniel Franklin, Business Development Manager – Fuji Xerox, Boileau

“Firstly, thank you for yesterday’s session,  Keith and DV (and myself I should add) certainly found it enlightening and gave us an opportunity to discuss how they are going to qualify their customers moving forward.”

Angus Hayes, Trainee, ComWire IT

“I would just like to personally thank you for coming to talk to us today. For me, just having graduated from high school just over two weeks ago I have found that school life and working in a professional environment are in vast contrast to each other. Today you have taught me how I can maximise the opportunity that Mark and Rob have given me by ensuring that I follow the ethos of the company and being part of a team which puts the clients satisfaction first. This is an invaluable lesson that I otherwise probably would have had to learn the hard way and I thank you for sharing your professional attitude with me, I can honestly say that it was inspiring.”

Thomas Huxtable, Private Client Advisor, RBS Morgans Limited

“Thanks for having me yesterday! I thought the session was great. (…) I really liked the exercise of writing down numbers (dollars) as you can’t ignore the data. I thought that was really valuable. I’ve also refocussed myself today which has been great and contacted 20 leads/prospects today via phone and email.”

Erik van Zanten, President, Australian Netherlands Chamber of Commerce

Bram’s contributions as board member are extremely valuable and most appreciated. Key for our organisation are Bram’s motivational capabilities, his positive and ‘can do and will do’ attitude. This is supported by his incredible business acumen, understanding of people and business relationships in particular. Bram has the rare talent to quickly get a team to focus in the same direction in complex and conflicting situations.

Kevin Bouckley, CSG Services, Director Metro Print Services

Enjoyable, allowes a time to re-focus on some goals and business efficiencies to apply.

Samantha Badcock, Director, Hunter Careers

Bram has demonstrated that he is an excellent strategist and implementer. He can break down complex situations to ensure that meaningful steps are taken that deliver tremendous value for his clients

Christopher Swan, Principal, Swan Family Lawyers

Zoran Kovač, SpaMedica, Montenegro

Dear Bram, I want to apologize for my late response about the impressions from the sales training in Belgium we had on February 2nd and 3rd , 2012. I remember that, when you gave me your business card, you told me to write what I like and asked for feedback regarding your sales training. I never met a person like you with such attitude and energy. What I like most is that you do everything with a smile on your face. About the suggestions – just keep on like this! BRAM FORWARD!

Susan Khoo, Office Manager, Alec Khoo & Associates

“Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your very interesting session yesterday.

The presentations were engaging and it was good to hear others’ contributions as the afternoon progressed and thank you for the yummy nibbles and drinks and a chance to get to know everyone afterwards.

I learnt lots and am now more aware of the web issues before us and what might need to be done to make it more suitable. Luke did some impressive homework in looking at all our websites before the session. I appreciated that. Thanks for your checklist so I could put a number to some doubts I’ve been having lately. It has narrowed down my issues – I appreciate that tool as I wasn’t getting those answers with the general vague worrying I was doing.

All good and thank you for your kind words.”

Kate Dunn, Service Manager , Academy Services

“Inspiring presentation. Very motivating. The most useful idea I learned and will apply from this course is setting deadlines.”

Glynn Greenwood, RapidDry, Owner

Clear, precise, to the point and very well organised. Bram is tactful, friendly and encouraging.

Anthony Squire, Financial Dynamix, Owner

I learnt a lot about myself, as well as what I need to do to improve. The course has motivated me to take action immediately.

Jon Lockwood, Product Manager, OneTemp

“I took in a lot from your seminar yesterday, well done! It was very informative, interesting and enjoyable, in fact I was relating a customer situation my GM was discussing with me this morning to some of the points you covered yesterday.”

Eddy Gerets, Business Consultant/Commercial Court Judge, Belgium

“I can wholeheartedly recommend the business services of Bram Lagrou. As CEO of Watkins Europe, a division of a Fortune 500 Company, I selected Bram for a Sales Management position from a list of 5 finalists. I chose him based on his enthusiasm and positive mindset.

This was Bram’s first experience in international sales and training and he developed very quickly into one of the most diligent workers, soon becoming the best sales and training manager on my team.

Bram brings many benefits to the table:  psychological insight, energy, dedication, and sales and business training experience. I had the pleasure of working with Bram for 5 years and I can confirm that he is committed and goal-oriented.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend Bram’s professional services to anyone in business looking for sales training solutions and performance improvement.”

Nikola Lucic, Hotspring Spas, Croatia

“Once again I would like to thank you for the beautiful experience during the last few days; and I am convinced that the things I’ve learned during the course will help me to improve my selling skills in the future. You did an excellent job with training.  I would also like to congratulate you for the perfect organization and for choosing Bram as our teacher !”

Kari Tiittanen, Director of Polarwell Services, Finland

Luke Wilson, Managing Director, OzSpy Adelaide

(about Eat That Frog Time Management course – scored it 16 out of 20) “Course was enlightning and of good standard.” The most useful idea I learned and will apply from the course is: “goal setting”

Kyla Casey, Director of R4L, Australia

“Excellent info and tailored to my business. Enjoyed all of it: materials, video, insight and wisdom of trainer. I liked Bram sharing his personal experiences in an open and honest way including the good and the bad. Liked Bram’s enthusiasm and integrity. Liked Bram’s recognition of my own personal learning style as a visual learner and using the white board to accomodate me.”

Knut Giaever, Director of Hotspring Massasjebad, Norway

Rick Schlottman, Former Vice President of International Sales, Watkins Mfg. Corp., USA

“Mr. Bram Lagrou has been employed in the capacity of Regional European Sales Manager for Watkins Europe BVBA for the past five years. During that time, he has become highly proficient in retail sales, management, dealer relations, business planning and handling a host of issues that occur with distribution.

Bram is a fast learner. He even added another language to his skill set when assuming new duties in the Scandinavian region. Bram is a personable, hard working employee who is determined to reach his goals. He has been a pleasure to work with and if he returns the same benefits to your company as he has to ours, you will have made a very good business decision.” (15 March 2010)

John Whiteside, Manager Pool Division of Certikin, UK

Geoff King, Managing Director, Blacksilver Master Painters

(about Eat That Frog Time Management course – scored it 17 out of 20) “It made me think more about the direction I want to go regarding business and family. We all need more FUN TIME!!!” The most useful ideas I learned and will apply from this course are: “stop procrastinating, get organised, be committed.”

Leo Hamacher, Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, USA

“Thank you for the great trainings you provided to our dealers. It was great to have you working with the entire team.”

Greg Welsh, Owner of Welsh Sales Group, USA

“I have had the pleasure of working with and training with Bram on several occasions and found him to be a great teacher and sales coach with his dealers and their personell. Bram is thoughtful, insightful, considerate and very well spoken … all key attributes of an excellent sales coach and trainer. I highly recommend Bram!”

Joachim Nyberg, Co-owner of Poolspecialisterna, Sweden

“Bram Lagrou has been a consultant and sales trainer to our company for over 2 years. Poolspecialisterna is a high class pool & wellness constructor with more than 40 years of experience and with a triple A financial rating – the highest in Sweden.

Before we met Bram, our premium spa division was fairly stagnant; the relationship with our supplier was strickly business-like (we ordered, they shipped to us) and there was no personal incentive to grow this division of the business.

Things changed dramatically once we decided to partner with Bram. We received constructive feedback which built excitement and motivation. He contributed fresh ideas to display and market our products resulting in more traffic online and also in the store. We learned to focus on the benefits rather than the features of our brands.

Despite the recession which affected all businesses, we modified our approach to various ends generating more leads, inquiries and visits while maintaining  a strict budget.  The range of sales skills Bram taught us was instrumental in closing deals more quickly and more often. In short: we improved our return on investment, with less resources.

Bram was also helpful in developing a new customer base. Previously, we had sold our spas exclusively to existing pool customers but thanks to his input we gradually added 30 to 40% new customers.

For all these reasons our team strongly recommends Bram’s expertise, skills and personal involvement. We will always be happy to provide you with any further information you may require.”

Chris Harris, … of Certikin, UK

Greg Ferres, Owner of Digital Perception, Australia

“After 40 years in the selling field, you brought some refreshing ideas.”

Hilde Beneke, CEO of Whirlpool Import, Germany

Marina De Beule, Director of Equano, Belgium

Guy De Beule, Technical Manager of Equano, Belgium

Howard Whiteson, Sales Trainer, Sales Method Training, UK

“I have worked with Bram on a number of occasions, and I was always impressed with his rigorous methodology, his sound professionalism, his friendly manner, and his scrupulous attention to detail. He was able to communicate to a wide spectrum of trainees, who came from many different backgrounds and cultures. He consistently demonstrated a clear intellectual and emotional grasp of fundamental sales principles. In addition, he presented many aspects with a light, yet sure touch, often spiced with nice touches of humour. I would have no hesitation in recommending Bram to pretty much any role he chose to adopt.”

Roland Vezse, Director of Hotspring Hungary

“I participated to the 2010 Win The Day sales seminar in Gran Canaria, that was lead by Bram. I was amazed by the methodology he was teaching, and the way he presented it. Although the way Watkins trains its professional team is already an art, I was mostly amazed by the energy and power that Bram placed into his presentation, and by the enthusiasm I experienced in my own self after my participation. Thank you Bram.”

Alexander Bösl, Co-owner of HotSpring Austria, Austria

Vidmantas Bacys, CEO of Akvatechnika, Lithuania

“Bram is very professional, very reliable and full of energy. He always listens very well to his customer and he is very accurate in his support. I am thankful for the great ideas he developed for us. I have worked with him for a bit less than a year but I can highly recommend his work to any company or future client.”

Gintaras Juonys, CEO of Plovex and SpaZona, Lithuania

Scott Iverson, National Sales Trainer, Watkins Mfg. Corp., USA

“Over the years, I’ve been privileged to observe, and to work with a number of professional trainers and presenters. More often than not, it becomes clear who’s authentic, and who’s not. The reason I find that important is that lasting results, and continued progress has been at its highest when our team has worked with trainers/presenters who are absolutely genuine, and are truly “living” the message that is being presented. I say that because Mr. Bram Lagrou is definitely the genuine article!

Energetic, upbeat, hardworking, encouraging, insightful, and inquisitive… these are all the things I believe you will find to be true in your interactions with Bram. Quick to serve, and always prepared, I’d gladly place Bram Lagrou in front of our best customers in any of our training sessions.”

John Warmerdam, Coastline pools and hot tubs, the Netherlands

Richard Van Breugel, Sales Manager at Busker Tuincomfort & Wellness, the Netherlands

Andrey Mikhailov, Director of SPA Russia, Russia

Mark Houman, Director of Spa & Damps, Denmark

Tom & Shirley Namink, Owners of Home Garden Resort, the Netherlands

Anonymous Sales Executive, International Sales Conference, Europe

(added: as a result of the ideas we learned) “we turned our open day into an expo, we already have more interested people that registered for it. We changed the way we sold by telling more about the benefits.”

Anonymous Sales Executive, International Sales Conference, Europe

“I found that Bram was excellent in delivering the training and applied those techniques of hooks, benefits, recap, and check-in that he was passing on to us.”

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