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Business Development

“As a result of your phone skills and networking training, our team of advisors booked more meetings and closed more sales than before within a month.” — General Manager, financial services

“I grew my business 86% within 16 months and took my business from a state to a national level.” — Managing Director, financial services

Extensive research shows that most professional and financial services experts benefit from business development training and coaching. It is about finding ways to unlock the talents of these professionals in order to help them attract and retain new clients that need a trusted advisor on their side.

Since professional and financial services are knowledge-based industries, they tend to attract analytical individuals who appreciate facts and details. Whether they are lawyers, accountants, engineers, architects, financial planners or brokers, their industry-relevant qualifications are heavily geared towards technical and specific expertise. Business development know-how and skills were not necessarily part of their required training.

Therefore, the predicament faced by many professionals in these fields is that they are highly-skilled in their areas of expertise such as accounting or engineering but they are not trained in how to attract clients nor to provide the high-level customer service and relationship management required to keep them. Without first acquiring clients, they are not able to dispense their sought-after professional advice and services.

Lagrou Partners has successfully worked with professional and financial services firms to achieve double digit growth organically within 6 to 12 months. Please contact us for a confidential chat. We have a proven track record in these industries and we can help your firm.

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