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“I doubled my sales within 11 months.” — Mortgage Broker

“I closed nearly $20 million worth of new business within 3 weeks thanks to our last session. I realised I had to change my approach to be more successful with investors who have a different communication style than mine.” — BDM, property development

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Nothing happens until a sale takes place. Companies grow when sales revenue exceeds the costs. The opposite is true too: companies go out of business because of a lack of sales and healthy profit margins. How can you stay ahead of your competitors?

Our team is very experienced in all aspects of the sales process and works with companies that are very serious about improving bottom-line profit. Compared to other sales trainers and coaches, our team practices and refines our sales methodologies every single day. We are not only expert sales trainers; we are business owners who have a lot at stake and operate daily on the frontline. We are dedicated and accountable to our clients for results.

The secret is: theoretical knowledge only goes as far… knowing what to do is one thing. Doing it consistently is quite another. Our training and coaching methodologies are founded on psychological principles and lead to lasting behavioural change. We work holistically on knowledge, skills and attitude.

According to a 20-year study conducted by the Andrew Carnegie Foundation, fully 85% of success depends on one’s attitude. Why is it then that most sales training focuses on skills development? We now know that a person’s individual psychology can get in the way of high performance. We address attitude, personal psychology and behaviour as well as skill set. Our clients want optimal and profitable outcomes and that is what you get when you partner with our team of experts.

All of our training and coaching programs are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can be confident that by working with the Lagrou Partners team, you will reach your aims of improved revenue, increased productivity, decreased costs, better time management, staff engagement, customer satisfaction and a sustainable future for your business.

Sales Coaching options are tailored to the individual.

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